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Bowel Cancer

Are you 60 plus? Bowel cancer screening can save your life.

You will automatically be sent a kit every 2 years if you are aged between 60 and 74.

If you are over 75, or are 60 plus and have not returned your kit, please ring the freephone number 0800 707 6060 to request a kit.

Travel Vaccinations

There is a national shortage of some adult and children’s NHS and privately provided vaccines. If they are not available for your appointment, you may be directed to a private clinic.

If you require any vaccinations or antimalarial tablets relating to foreign travel, you need to make an appointment with the practice nurse 8 weeks before you travel to discuss your travel arrangements. This will include which countries and areas only. We are unable to provide a telephone travel advice service. Please do not book for travel advice with a doctor as they can’t help you. You must see a practice nurse.

Further information related to travel can be found in our Travel Room.

If you are unable to get an appointment at the surgery then please contact:

Nomad Travel
66-68 Bridge Street
M3 2RJ

Telephone: 0134 155 5061

Further information about countries and vaccinations required can be found at:

Other Services

  • Diabetic Care
  • Asthma Care and Monitoring
  • Well Baby and Immunisations
  • Well Women
  • Well Men
  • Young Person
  • Hypertension and Coronary Heart Disease Prevention
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Stop Smoking