We’re making the switch to a new Clinical IT System on 28/06/2022

In 2021, your practice decided to upgrade its clinical IT system, and after months of preparation and planning we will be making the switch on 28/06/2022.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions you may have to explain a little more about why

we decided to make the switch, and how we need your help to support us during the changeover.

Why are we changing systems?

The system we have been using for over a decade is good, however there is a more efficient system which will allow us to enhance the services we deliver as a practice.

Nationally, the Government has outlined its vision for health and social care to be delivered in a much more joined up way, known as ‘Primary Care Networks’. By coming together and delivering services to our neighbourhood in a much more streamlined way, we are able to look at the health and care of our total population and achieve improved outcomes for a healthier, happier Eccles.

Our new IT system will support this work, and with the right information sharing agreements in place we will be able to work with our three neighbouring practices.

What will happen to your information in the old system?

Your full clinical information has been copied across to the new system with a full and rigorous checking process undertaken to ensure no information has been missed. We will also continue to have access to the old system for a number of months after we have switched.

Will there be any change to our services whilst we make the switch?

From 10/06/2022 until 28/06/2022, we will be able to look at your medical records, however we will be operating on a system that is not live. This means that it will take us slightly longer than normal to process your requests. We will also not be booking in any routine appointments during this time, it will be a book on the day emergency only service.

What will happen on the day we make the switch?

The new system will be activated at 8am and the team will be undertaking a number of checks to ensure everything is working as it should before we start using the new system.

What will happen to your repeat medications?

Our team have been working hard to post-date and extend repeat medications which would normally be issued between 10/06/2022 until 28/06/2022.

Will you still be able to order my prescriptions online?

If you are currently registered for online access with our current IT system, this will no longer work from 10/06/2022. You will be asked to register with our new online access system by the end of July 2022. In the meantime, you can order your medication on our website www.standrewsmceccles.nhs.uk.

How can you support us?

This is by far the biggest change we have ever made and we need your help whilst we make the switch. Help us, by:

  • Being patient with our staff during this
  • Remember you can order fit notes and order your medication and more at www.standrewsmceccles.nhs.uk
  • Only call for an appointment if you think you cannot wait until the switch has taken
  • If it is urgent, call NHS 111, or if it is life threatening call 999

Thank you for your support and co-operation.